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Business Matching

Mutually complementary resources required for 3PL

Distribution processing

Warehouse operations are available depending on wide range of needs.


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Introduction of shippers to improve loading efficiency

Transportation company
The company’s main focus on e-commerce site projects has led to a rapid shift to a high-mix, low-volume production. The shortage of drivers became more serious, and the situation was getting worse. By combining the products of our company and peripheral partner companies, we were able to achieve a mixed load delivery system. This has successfully improved the loading efficiency.

■Customer’s voice
The demand for Corona has led to a rapid increase in small-lot deliveries, and the loading rate has dropped considerably. Logitec introduced us to other shippers in the same area and helped us adjust shipping packaging, so we were able to considerably improve our transportation efficiency.

Shipping agent service

Tariff Review Reduces Cost by 1,500,000 yen for 50,000 Shipments

In response to the challenge of reducing transportation costs, the company proposed a less expensive-than-usual tariff by utilizing partner companies. This significantly reduced transportation costs, which had been a hurdle to securing profit margins. The client was able to secure profits that far exceeded its initial expectations.

■Customer’s Voice
“We needed to improve costs because transportation costs were putting pressure on profits due to an increase in the number of shipments. We received several proposals from Logitech that varied in scale and service level, and they were able to arrange a transportation partner that matched our needs. They also helped us with securing warehouse space, which was very helpful.

Solving the problem of lack of sales know-how

Work contracting company
The Corona Shock occurred while the company was highly dependent on its existing customers. The company was unable to develop new customers, and the volume of work declined. The number of potential orders increased by sharing, practicing, and following up on the sales methods we recommended. As a result, a record number of new orders were received.

■Customer’s Voice
“Originally, we were relying on major companies for orders, so we lacked both the know-how and the number of salespeople. With the help of Logitech’s joint proposals and sales accompaniment, we were able to win new orders, and we were also able to take on joint orders for projects that we could not take on within our capacity, which pleased our customers.”

Setup work for campaign merchandise

Emergency order for delivery of 5,000 sets received in two days

A prime contractor requested a spot order for product setup, but the company was struggling to respond due to a lack of human resources and space. We introduced a partner warehouse and work company. The client successfully delivered 5,000 sets in two days.

■Customer’s Voice
“I must confess that we were quite troubled by the shipping instructions we received on short notice, as it was difficult to handle them through our normal routes. Despite the urgency of the situation, you were able to quickly create a working system with outside facilities so we didn’t have to inconvenience our prime contractor.”

Sorting of major e-commerce site products by direction

1,250,000 EC products sorted and handled in 2 weeks

A major e-commerce site found that its own warehouse could not handle the volume of cargo due to periodic sales. Therefore, the company secured personnel to handle the sorting work. The project was fulfilled by utilizing our warehouse, and 1,250,000 items were sorted in two weeks. The client has continued to use our warehouse for sorting during sales periods since then.

■Customer’s Voice
When the sale went well and the normal shipping capacity was expected to overflow, we immediately contacted our existing partners, but they were all oversubscribed. Logitech is an indispensable partner for us during the busy season because they respond immediately to our spot work and organize their system according to our volume.”

Joint use of warehouse space

Warehouse company

A warehouse company was about to open a new 3,000 tsubo warehouse, but the warehouse was vacant due to the withdrawal of a prospective shipper from the contract. By strengthening order-taking activities through comprehensive sales collaboration with the warehouse lessor, the lead time to secure a customer was drastically reduced. The warehouse achieved an 80% occupancy rate in the third month after opening.

■Customer’s Voice

We had asked Logitec for spot cargo in the past, so when we consulted with them about available space this time, we had high hopes that it might be possible. They have a wealth of information on projects, so orders go smoothly, and with a combination of long-term and short-term shippers, we are able to make use of the space without letting it go unused.

Introduction of contractors for small lot projects

Distribution processing company F

Company F had a problem finding a contractor for a small-lot project.

Introduce a subcontractor who can handle the project in combination with other projects.


Contractor Introduction

■Customer’s Voice

Originally, we handled the work in-house due to the small number of jobs, but as other operations became tight, we could no longer afford to do so.

We had given up hope of finding a contractor because of the small lot size, but after consulting with Logitech, we were able to find one smoothly.”

Use as forklift training school space

Forklift Training School S Company

We provided our warehouse space to Company S, which was looking for a space for forklift training.

■Support Services

Provision of warehouse space

■Customer Comments

The use of the actual warehouse space made the forklift training more practical.

Sales cooperation in competitions

During a presentation to a shipper company, the company suggested that it would be possible to collaborate with Logitech to arrange for managers and personnel, and we provided sales support.

■Corresponding Operations
Work staff arrangement and sales cooperation in collaboration with group company Bitre

Customer Comments

We were at a standstill when we had to make our final presentation to the shippers, because we were faced with the challenge of not being able to guarantee productivity due to a labor shortage. However, by collaborating with Logitec, we were able to meet the shipper’s needs and differentiate ourselves from other companies, and we were able to successfully win the order!

Product sample storage to shipping operations

Company D, manufacturer of daily necessities

We stored, packed, and delivered product samples.

■Corresponding Operations
Storage, packaging and delivery of product samples

Customer’s Voice

Originally, our sales staff handled their own shipping and delivery in a hastily built distribution space in our office. We could not find a warehouse to rent with a space of about 10 tsubo, and it was difficult to find a company to outsource the work. Now that we have the right staffing, we are able to expand our business.”

Matching of relocation space, launch of new center

Rental DVD mail-order service company C

We introduced idle space at a major warehouse company to a company that was considering relocating due to an increase in the volume of goods to open a new center.

■Support Services
Business matching between warehousing companies, launch of new center

Customer Comments

We originally asked Logitec to do contract work for us, but now we can rely on them not only to do the work, but also to secure the space we want and to set up the new center.

From arranging transportation to setting up of promotional items: Major distribution company G

We arranged for the import of novelties to be set for the campaign from the manufacturer overseas, and after inspection at the warehouse, we set the novelties with the products stored in Japan.

■Support services
Marine and air transportation of overseas promotional products, customs clearance, storage, inspection, needle inspection, and setting with Japanese (domestic) promotional products.

■Customer’s comments
“We had a hard time asking Logitech to take care of the temporary novelty set-up work for our campaign every time. Logitech co. took care of the import and customs clearance stages, so we were able to proceed with preparations more smoothly than ever before.”

From arranging transportation to setting up of promotional items:

Major distribution company G

We arranged for the import of novelties to be set for the campaign from the manufacturer overseas, and after inspection at the warehouse, we set the novelties with the products stored in Japan.

■Support services
Marine and air transportation of overseas promotional products, customs clearance, storage, inspection, needle inspection, and setting with Japanese (domestic) promotional products.

■Customer’s comments
“We had a hard time asking Logitech to take care of the temporary novelty set-up work for our campaign every time. Logitech co. took care of the import and customs clearance stages, so we were able to proceed with preparations more smoothly than ever before.”

Product preparation work for apparel products:

Major apparel company Z

■Support services
Quantity and quality inspection, price tagging, brand tagging, barcode labeling

■Customer’s comments
“shipping instructions to store delivery, which is also very beneficial in terms of cost.”

From receiving and shipping to delivery of daily necessities mail order:

Niche famous EC site, Company K

We handle the logistics part on behalf of select EC stores that deal with domestic and foreign daily necessities, from incoming and outgoing inspection of various products to inventory management, sorting and packing, and shipping.

■Support services
Receiving and shipping, sorting, packing, and shipping on behalf of customers

■Customer comments
“With the expansion of our business, we couldn’t handle the product management and shipping work in-house, so we decided to ask Logitech co. to provide a complete set of services. We have been able to reduce the cost of shipping as well as the labor required for inspection and shipping, allowing us to focus on sales.”

From warehousing to delivery of drugstore products to stores

Major drugstore group company S

We accumulate products to be delivered to drugstore stores, sort them by store, deliver them on routes, and perform other general daily logistics operations.

■Support services
Receiving and shipping, sorting by store, delivery to each store via route delivery, collection of returned products and returnable containers (folding containers, etc.) from stores

■Customer comments
“There were many tasks that were difficult to ask for, such as labeling, work inside the warehouse such as novelty sets, and collection of containers. Logitech co. has been very helpful in handling irregularities.”

Processing of food sets and seasonal products

Major food wholesaler Company D

In order to handle seasonal and campaign products, we handle assorted sets of stock products, labeling and packaging, and shipping.

■Support services
Receiving and shipping, storage, “assortment sets” in designated cases, attaching noshi (wrapping paper), and packaging

■Customer comments
“We often have to reassemble sets of products for seasonal campaigns, etc., but until now it has been difficult to work inside the warehouse and preparation has been difficult. Logitech co. support has been a great help.”

Shipping and return handling of sporting goods

Major sporting goods manufacturer, Company Y

We manage incoming and outgoing shipments of sporting goods, delivery and distribution to retail stores, and handle returns.

■Support services
Receiving and shipping, inspection, inventory control, picking, packing, shipping, return processing

■Customer comments

“We receive a lot of returns of sporting goods from retailers, so it’s important to isolate the trouble. Logitech co. ability to quickly collect returns and report on the status within the delivery route has increased the satisfaction of our retailers.”

Inbound, outbound and delivery of office supplies.

Major office supply EC company M

We provide inbound, outbound, and inventory control of office supplies and delivery support. We provide WMS to link inventory data, shipping status, and billing data.

■Support services

Receiving and shipping, picking, packing, and shipping on behalf of customers

■Customer comments

“The WMS allows us to exchange data instantly, which has strengthened our management.”

Warehouse management and distribution processing of cosmetics, and collection, storage, and disposal of documents

Major cosmetic distribution company C

We manage the incoming and outgoing shipments of cosmetics, shipping them to retailers and labeling them according to campaigns. We also manage the collection, storage, and disposal of documents handled at store locations in order to keep them secure.

■Support services

Receiving and shipping, picking, labeling, packing
Collection, storage, delivery, and disposal of various documents, including confidential documents

■Customer comments

“In the past, cosmetic products were subject to many campaigns and replacements, making package processing complicated. Also, there were many cases where know-how was passed on in documents, so the collection work was difficult. It’s very helpful to have Logitech co. handle it all in one place.”

Warehousing and distribution processing of natural material goods:

Company A, a natural material goods chain

We can handle the warehousing and shipping of interior and household sundries, as well as the affixing of barcodes and other labels.

■Support services

Receiving and shipping, storage, picking, labeling, packing, and shipping

■Customer comments

“There were a lot of products that didn’t have labels or tags at the receiving stage, and we were doing the work at the store, but there were many mistakes and we couldn’t improve efficiency. Since Logitech co. can take care of this at the pre-shipment stage, our efficiency has improved considerably.”

Receiving, shipping, and delivery of drinking water for a convenience store chain.

Major convenience store company F

Management of incoming and outgoing shipments of PET-bottled drinking water and delivery to the joint distribution center.

■Support services

Receiving, shipping, sorting, picking, and supplying to each shared distribution center

■Customer comments

“We have to receive drinking water in bulk, sort it into small portions, and place it on the joint delivery service. Due to space constraints, it is very helpful for us to have Logitech co. handle storage and shipping.”

DM delivery of educational products for school children

Major correspondence education company F

We also handle the weaving, enclosing, and shipping of direct mail for households.

■Support services

Inserting, enclosing, and shipping of brochures, flyers, and direct mail

■Customer comments

“It’s convenient to have the combination of printed materials and enclosing and shipping handled in one package.”

Assembly and shipping of key chains

Company J, the event secretariat agent

We assembled key chains for event novelties from parts to shipping.

■Support services

Assembly and shipping, including metal fittings, bagging, and sticker application

■Customer comments

“As the event secretariat, sending out novelties is a one-off, high-volume job, so Logitec is very helpful in handling everything from assembly to shipping.”

From pre-shipment customs clearance of furniture to delivery to private homes

Major furniture sales company O

Import and customs clearance of furniture and delivery to stores and private homes.

■Support services

Import customs clearance, delivery to stores, delivery to end users’ homes

■Customer comments

“Since furniture is often imported from overseas, it is very convenient to have one company handle everything from customs clearance to delivery to the customer, so that we can keep track of the situation and handle any problems.”

We can handle a variety of storage needs regardless of duration or size, including temporary lot storage of small items, long-term storage of large commercial items, and seasonal storage of seasonal products.

・Sales promotion items Novelty items, large POP, displays, etc
・Bicycles Storage of products with long sales cycles
・Apparel products Seasonal storage of seasonal products


Company Profile

Founded on April 1, 2021
Business overview
Building logistics platforms ・HR technology services in the areas of recruitment, labor, time and attendance, and payroll management ・Outsourcing services for all aspects of distribution processing work ・Business matchmaking to connect idle space with shippers ・Outsourcing consulting ・Sales agency
Masaomi Kawamura, Representative Director
4-23-5 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
50 million yen
Headquarters (main phone): 03-5795-1871

Company Philosophy

A new form of third-party logistics (3PL), revolutionized by HR and technology.

When human resource management merges with digital transformation (DX), logistics will enter into a new era. Logistics that is not just warehousing or transportation, but rather something that can only be handled by a third party. LOGITECH will be the catalyst to connect shippers, logistics companies, and HR firms, advancing 3PL to the next stage.

Message from the Representative

Creating a new form of 3PL provider to meet the growing needs of the logistics industry

In the process of founding and expanding BEITRE CO., LTD., I was struck afresh by the potential that an HR services company can offer. Initially, BEITRE focused on one-off jobs such as event work, moving, and short-term office work. But then we encountered the logistics industry's use of human resources to manage large flows by coordinating temporary workers, and we were able to expand the business as e-commerce needs grew. However, the areas in which human resource management (such as staffing and recruitment) can play a role in the logistics industry are limited to areas such as distribution processing and inspection, which are but a small part of the entire process. Knowing the huge future potential of the logistics industry, we searched for ways to jumpstart our business model. What we noticed was that most of the 3PL providers were "parties" in the industry, such as warehousing and transportation providers, and were not third parties in the strictest sense. We are a pure third party that provides services to the logistics industry from our background in the HR field. Our services, such as outsourcing services that utilize our ability to supply a workforce and business matchmaking between shippers and warehouse owners that utilizes our matchmaking expertise, are new conveniences that we can offer because we come from outside of the industry. Furthermore, by adding our employment, labor, and time and attendance-related HR management services, as well as operational support with material handling and warehouse management tools useful for warehouse operations, we will create a new form of 3PL provider to meet the growing the needs of the logistics industry.

Masaomi Kawamura Representative & Founder

Business Areas

Business Areas

LOGITECH Co., Ltd. is developing its business based mainly on the provision of warehouse services and the provision of warehousing services for logistics companies. With human resource management at the core of our business, we provide the value of 3PL to all types of customers, whether they are shippers, logistics companies, or even partner companies such as delivery companies.