We opened a new logistics base, Minami-Funabashi Warehouse.

On April 1, 2023, we opened “Minami-Funabashi Warehouse” in Chiba Prefecture as a new base.

In recent years, demand in the logistics industry has grown due to factors such as increased use of Internet shopping. On the other hand, we are facing the “2024 problem” in logistics, where the amount of cargo that can be transported will decrease due to the upper limit of the working hours of drivers. Therefore, we need to cooperate with each other and develop an efficient transportation system by sharing work processes quickly as much as possible.


“Minami-Funabashi Warehouse” is jointly operated by LOGITECH in partnership with a major domestic logistics company. LOGITECH manages work such as sorting work, and partner companies share the process of transportation and delivery, improving work efficiency and making it possible to handle more projects.


LOGITECH has the foundation of the group’s human resources service company “Sogo Career Option” and matches the resources such as “human resources” and “location” that it owns with the delivery operations of shipper companies and logistics companies such as warehouses and transportation. We are building a logistics platform. As a result, we have accumulated a track record in securing human resources and workspace and in work management, and we are currently developing services for more than 100 companies.


We will continue to eliminate wasteful costs in the logistics industry caused by mismatches, establish a system that can handle more projects, and solve social logistics demand issues.


Please see the press release below for details.