Released “LOGIPARE JOURNAL”, a media that disseminates “worries” about the logistics industry.

From April 27th, we have released the media “LOGIPARE JOURNAL”, which delivers information centered on topics of interest in the logistics industry. As a group company of the CAMCOM Group, which has strengths in human resources, we will develop 3PL business and deliver the present and future of the logistics industry from the two aspects of “third party” and “party”.
LOGIPALE JOURNAL:https://logipalette.jp/journal/

LOGIPARE JOURNAL delivers information focusing on interesting topics in the logistics industry for all those who work in the logistics industry.

From trend information such as “2024 Problem” and “Logistics DX”, to commentary on technical terms that you have heard of but do not know in detail, we will convey a wide range of information, and will help many people involved in the logistics industry, from managers to field personnel. We will continue to provide useful information.

Articles are published mainly in article categories such as transportation/delivery/
transportation, warehouse, logistics tech, business management, work style reform, and logistics M&A, and summarized for everyone to understand important parts of the articles at the beginning.

In addition, to deliver the real voices of people who work in the logistics industry, LOGIPARE JOURNAL will publish interview articles that have been independently interviewed and research articles that reflect the voices of everyone in the industry.

[About logistics business matching service LOGIPARE]
LOGIPARE is a logistics business matching platform that utilizes our strengths, which have its roots in “BAITORE,” the No. 1 personnel company in logistics dispatch, to solve the industry-specific supply-demand balance and fluctuations in workload through collaboration. Through business matching, it is possible to secure business resources such as “human resources”, and in addition to shipper companies, we provide convenience to logistics companies such as warehouses and transportation.