A human resources company "first" and "first". New comprehensive logistics matching platform “LOGIPARE” will start service from December 1st (Thursday)

Logitec is a new logistics business matching that improves the deterioration of the labor force and demand balance in the logistics industry based on the experience of developing logistics consulting for people, places, and operations within the Camcom Group, which supports all areas of human resources. The service “Logipare” started on December 1st (Thursday).

The EC market is steadily increasing in demand, and the 3PL market is also expanding accordingly.
At the same time, however, the labor shortage in the logistics industry is becoming more serious, and securing human resources, which is the biggest issue, is an urgent issue.
Logitec’s new “Logipare” is a service that makes it possible to secure business resources such as “human resources” through business matching, providing convenience not only to shipper companies but also to logistics companies such as warehouses and transportation.
To do. With the background of human resource matching, we will solve the problems of social logistics demand by eliminating mismatches between logistics service suppliers through comprehensive logistics matching services that match facilities such as warehouses, transportation and delivery services, and project introductions.

Please see the press release below for details.